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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 81

by Yumiko

Take it back?

While Finral clings onto life, Asta and the Black Bulls have come to his aid. They will not allow Langris another step forward. His killing intent has become quite clear, but it’s the mana he’s leaking out that has a few individuals worried. In fact, the true purpose behind this tournament has come to light. Finding the traitor among the magical knights has proven difficult. There’s been little to go on for months, although Julius believes the traitor is working unconsciously. However, if this traitor is forced into a corner, then their true colors may be revealed. It was for this purpose alone, Julius was willing to take such a huge risk. Nonetheless, it would appear his bait just might be fruitful. That ominous mana coming from Langris can not be mistaken. Something is going on within him, regardless the tournament must still go on. Asta and Langris are ready to advance their match now, and it will be allowed. As long as they follow the tournament rules, they will start the semi-finals sooner than intended.

Asta’s hotheadedness really got to him when dealing with Langris. Behind Asta was a true magical knight, yet in front of him was a knight who claimed otherwise. In Langris’s eyes, Finral was just trash that needed to be taken care of. Now, normally words do not phase Asta easily. He’s been mocked his entire life, after all. Still, he knows when words go to far. He will not allow anyone, especially a sibling to get away with the actions displayed before him. A deadly clash between anti-magic and spacial magic will soon be upon us. Moreover, both their teams will get getting mixed into the commotion. Team B stands firmly with Asta, though things on Team G are not looking too hot. Langris has lost all sense of composure going into this fight. However, even in his madden state, he poses a threat that can not be overlooked. There will be no holding back with this one.

Before Asta can go Black, he’ll need some time. That time will be bought by “Xerx, or as we’ve now learned, Zora. Seeing all this infighting between magical knights has gotten Zora more excited than ever, though things were not always like this. Zora grew up with an image of magical knights being heroes. That image was instilled into him by his father. However, that would all change when his father was slain on duty. Reportedly, he died helping others, but Zora would soon find out the truth. Zara Ideale was killed by his very own companions. How could the magical knights his father looked up to do such a thing? Well, Zara was the very first peasant to ever be accepted into the magical knights. Many of his fellow knights could not accept this fact. A peasant becoming a protector of the realm, preposterous! Nevertheless, Zara followed through with his dream, and was the ideal image of a magical knight. No matter the status of the citizen, Zara was always there to help. Sadly, these facts would have him stabbed in the back by his own teammates. Still, Zora would put that image of a hero to use. On one hand he would protect the innocent from the vileness of the magical knights, and on the other hand he would expose the hypocrisy of the magical knights.

There sure was a lot going on in this episode. Fortunately, next week we’re getting somewhat of a break. A special episode will be aired, but I’ll save the talking of those contents for next time. I’m sure there’s already plenty here to digest. Anyhow, the fight between Team B and G resumes in two weeks. Enjoy the prelude before the epic clash!





Click here for the 81st webm collection.


We’ll be experiencing an intermission of sorts next week. Ready for some extra Charmy?

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