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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 18

by Yumiko

It all began with a man-eater.

Before the code to free everyone is entered, there is one last confrontation to be had. The questionable threat has been found at the top of the Moon Temple, though Boogiepop is only there for a chat. Shirou Tanaka, or as we’ve come to know him, the King of Distortion, will help expose how this all began. When a true threat to world devoured Naoko Kamikishiro, Shirou developed a deep guilt within his own heart. These two were on the verge of love, but Shirou was never able to work out his feelings. The words he was never able to say gave root to a distortion. However, that distortion wouldn’t become reality until he walked onto the grounds of the Moon Temple. It was then that the King of Distortion was born. In a unspoken collaboration with Teratsuki, they both used the Moon Temple as an experiment. Now, what the King of Distortion has been doing isn’t quite a threat to the world, still he must mind what path he walks down. Boogiepop has seen many similar cases before, and they never end well for the opposing party. If this king does not wish to lose his head, then he must learn to heal the distortion in his own heart.

Everyone will be walking out of this one unhurt, and all the blame has been placed onto Teratsuki. Still, two figures were able to accomplish something here. Teratsuki’s warning has been heard by one that could become an enemy to all. The potential threat of the Towa Organization towards an evolved human should never be underestimated. Moreover, the King of Distortion was able to bring about a few pieces of “gold”. The gold he sought out was fixing the distortion in other peoples hearts. As we saw with Niitoki, she’ll be able to move on from her unrequited love. Hopefully all individuals involved have grown after this surreal experience.

I’ll just get this out of the way now, I’ve given Boogiepop a 5/10. This isn’t because I think the show is horrible by any means. Boogiepop is truthfully for a very specific viewer. You have to be heavily invested in the psychological component, or the story just won’t stick. Unfortunately, I was never able to gain any traction with a single character. There’s quite a few characters in the story, but you’re given so little at times it’s almost not worth it. I understand they are going for multiple perspectives, however I’ve simply seen this done better within other shows. Additionally, I can not recall a single shot or sequence that really got the blood flowing. Madhouse has put out a very average production at best with this one. Anyhow, it’s not best to dwell on what could have been. Enjoy Boogiepop’s final appearance!





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