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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 80

by Yumiko

There’s only one heir to House Vaude.

They may share a common home, but being born from different mothers began their split. Finral and Langris have been at odds with one another since their childhood days. The eldest son was seen as nothing more than a disappointment, and was not worthy of being the next head. This in turn placed everything onto Langris. He was destined for greatest, though he lacked one thing that his brother could hold over him. Langris was a stranger to kindness. Even his future wife knew who was the kinder brother. This simple matter would forever burn Langris up to his core. Still, while Finral was constantly ill spoken of, he did attempt to be a older brother to Langris. Going out to have a good time was all he could offer, yet in the end Langris would turn him down. The next head had no need for such activities. Now, eventually Finral abandoned his house. Seeing how he had no place there, he picked another path to walk. However, in his absence Langris only grew colder towards his older brother. What if he could eliminate the single stain upon House Vaude? Such a thought nearly became reality during today’s match. Fortunately, before Langris could end his brother’s life, the Black Bulls have stepped in. This was a tournament to promote cooperation, right?

Langris’s deadly behavior just might be a sign of things to come. When pushed to the edge, he began to leak out a very familiar mana. The Black Bulls know this mana all too well, though that would suggest there’s a connection with the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Even the Magic Emperor can sense something isn’t quite right here. Moreover, today’s episode introduced, Finnes. She’s no major player, but it would be best to remember her face for later on. Currently she’s only placed in to advance the future of House Vaude, though there’s some drama to be had with her. Anyhow, Finral is hanging on by a thread. Enjoy the climax among the sibling feuds!





Click here for the 80th webm collection.


What Langris has done will not go answered. The biggest battle of this tournament will soon be upon us!

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