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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

Any final words?

Habara and shirou’s investigation has forced them to the top of the Moon Temple. It is here where the final moments of Teratsuki can be found. He’ll be explaining everything, though there’s some congratulations to be handed out. Everyone who was able to make it to the top is truly unique. Teratsuki’s final gift to the world was bait to lure in as many people as possible. After putting those trapped within asleep, anyone who could rise was destined to know a piece of the truth. An invisible system is currently attempting to control human evolution, and those that go against it are marked for death. When Teratsuki grew too powerful, he knew his time was short. As such, he intended to play a game with the Towa Organization. Using his vast wealth, Teratsuki’s true gift to the world was a warning. Those that are hearing his final words may one day become an enemy of the Towa Organization.

Teratsuki’s message has been heard loud and clear by one individual, but to the other it made little sense. There was not a single mention of the King of Distortion by Teratsuki. All that was left behind was a way to stop this whole mess. However, unknown to Habara, the King of Distortion has been standing next to him all this time. Moreover, we’ve only got 1 more episode to go, so a confrontation is inbound. Will Boogiepop put a stop to the supposed world ending threat, or is there another path for this king? Anyhow, it’s time to save a life. Enjoy the bloody reveal!





Click here for the 17th webm collection.


Get ready to say good-bye to Boogiepop. Join us for the final review next Monday!

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