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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

Will unsaid words bring about the promised gold?

Those trapped within the Moon Temple are experiencing impossible dreams. The King of Distortion has taken a hold of their hearts, then allows them to utter words they could never say. Whether it be for love, regret, or despair, the King of Distortion plans to turn it all into gold. However, one individual has realized a way to break the dream. Kentarou knows where his memories properly end. A continuation by the King will not fool him. Now, in order to break these distorted dreams, one must go back to where this all began. Upon the grounds of the Moon Temple, Kentarou finds himself. Waking himself will take quite the shock, though there is still one major problem. Just who is this King of Distortion?

Teratsuki’s final gift to the world sure has been an odd one. Still, this was all planned before his untimely death. He knew the Towa Organization was onto him for years, and he fought back at each turn. Regardless, this little experiment of his continues to flow, although there’s been a few bumps along the way. We’ve now got two individuals awake inside, and Boogiepop is surely fighting back in their own way. The golden dream will not last if the King of Distortion doesn’t get things back on track. Anyhow, there’s still a ways to go before all these dreams are broken. Enjoy the first escape!





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Monday’s shall be taking over the rest of Boogiepop! Join us for just 3 more reviews until we reach the end.

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