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Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

It’s a dream come true!

Nobunaga Oda, named after his historical relative, just can’t get lucky with the ladies. Being the successor to such a noble name, he is expected to produce an heir before it’s too late. Fortunately, his luck will be experiencing a turnaround. While cleaning out his family’s storage space, Nobunaga broke an ancient relic. What came next was the thing he desired most. Just like in his beloved video games, the women of his dreams has descended into his arms. Awaking before him isn’t any ordinary girl, though. Kichou, daughter of Saitou Toshimasa, has somehow time traveled from the past. The only goal on her mind is to marry Nobunaga Oda, and to start baby making. However, there are a few issues here. The Nobunaga before her isn’t quite the one she’s engaged to, although it would appear she does not mind. She’s never seen Nobunaga Oda in the flesh until now. As long as the one before her flashes the correct name, he’ll have to do. Additionally, times have changed more than she can imagine. There won’t be any baby making until she gets a little older.

One could say this is the season of shorts. This will be the 2nd of three shorts that will be covered here during the spring 2019 season. Now, I wouldn’t expect too much out of this show. Being a short form anime, and being produced by Seven comes with some disadvantages. Seven is definitely known for their feats when comes to spicing things up, but it may not look too pretty at times. At best I’m hoping for consistency with this one. Anyhow, our time with Kichou has only just begun. Enjoy the bride from the heavens!


I’m not sure why they included that, but there’s nothing to censor. I guess she’s got one lewd hand.






Click here for the first webm collection.


Nobunaga’s loveless days are over. Join us for romance all spring long!

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