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Yakusoku no Neverland T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Happy Birthday, Ray!

Today’s the day a historical event shall occur. Emma and Ray have been independently planning from the shadows. Mama never broke their hope, however Ray’s plan will need a little misdirection. He had planned to go out in a blaze of glory, though Emma will stop him. There will be fire, but it shall be re-purposed. Norman entrusted everything to Emma, and she will not allow his death to be in vain. In fact, Norman’s plan was on the fact track while Sister was still around. Recruiting not just the eldest children has been an ongoing process in the background. During Norman’s absence nothing was put on halt. All preparations have been made, yet Mama must still be dealt with. Unfortunately, getting Mama off their backs will require some sacrifices. Disabling the trackers in their ears won’t stop Mama from coming after them. It will take a mixture of bait and flames to hold Mama down just for a while. This means Emma and Ray must cut off their ears to buy as much time as possible. Mama won’t leave her 2 best cattle to burn. Still, this bait will only keep her in place for so long. Another sacrifice was made to keep Mama back. Not everyone is participating in this breakout.

A handful of the children have made it to the wall, though their biggest obstacle still remains. They must clear a cliff in order to be free from Grace Field. Regardless, even if they make it out this is only just the beginning. Many unknown variables await the children, and they have little knowledge of the outside world to go on. Well, they do have one thing to help guide them. A certain pen is about to become real handy going forward. Anyhow, the breakout process is nearly completed. Enjoy the flames, Mama!





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The escape isn’t quite over yet. Join us for the final piece next Thursday!

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