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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 74

by Yumiko

What’s going to work?

Well, if you’re expecting teamwork none of that will be found here. Our rouge knight isn’t going to play nice with Asta and Mimosa. In fact, he’ll be sleeping until an opportunity appears. During that time Asta and Mimosa will have to fight one man down. They give it their all, but their opponents end up cornering them. Fortunately, Asta’s misstep landed them in the perfect spot. A trap has been activated, and the time for “Xerx” to rise has come. He’ll be sending all their magic right back at them, although that’s not all he’ll be doing it. Disgracing his opponents to the utmost is part of his arrival here. No magical knight shall go untouched from his verbal assaults. Still, when it came down to it, he ensured Team B’s victory. Asta has won the first round, yet at what cost?

A victory here is great and all, but Asta is ready to clash with “Xerx”. Their opponents put on a honorable display of teamwork and magic. Additionally, they are all on the same side, yet this mysterious knight shows them no respect. Crushing all their hope is only but a taste of what “Xerx” is capable of. He’ll be teaching many lessons to come. Moreover, we didn’t get to learn too much about this “Xerx” character, though just keep in mind we’ll be seeing another side of him as the show goes on. Maybe he won’t be so bad in the end. Anyhow, Team C is up next. Enjoy a helping of ash magic, Asta!





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