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Yakusoku no Neverland T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Let’s make another deal!

Sister Krone’s direct confrontation with the children will not be their end. Instead she wishes to work with them. Cooperation on both their ends would be beneficial. The children will be able to escape with less eyes on them, and she will rob Mama of her spot. Additionally, they can ensure one another destruction. Everything is on the line with this play, yet Norman is willing to take the risk. Having Krone on their side opens up a information line they couldn’t get anywhere else. She’s willing to answer any of their questions, well as long as it’s within her range. Sister Krone is also a prisoner in this world, although she’s only playing for herself. If an opportunity to bring down Isabella and the children were to appear, she’ll be more than willing to take it. Unfortunately, before she could act some unexpected news has come her way. A letter of questionable contents has been presented to her.

Allying with Sister Krone has revealed a number of things. First, we learned that even Mama was once a cattle child. However, due to being a female with excellent test scores, she was given a choice on her shipment day. Die or fight for the chance to become a mama. This offer is only given to a select few due to limited spots. As we also found out, their home is just one part of the farm. There are other homes for the children, and they are simply Plant 3. Moreover, Krone revealed that there are free humans out there. She does not know where they came from, but they bring in the supplies for the children. Lastly, its turns out security is very relaxed at Grace Field. The demons don’t believe for a moment that any child could ever escape, although an attempt just may be happening soon. The date to escape has been pushed up again, yet so much time remains. Anyhow, all the parts have been obtained. Enjoy the camera!





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Was is good or bad news? Find out the contents of the letter next week here at, Anime Solution!

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Boner ReachSky
Boner ReachSky (@guest_3192)
5 years ago

the mind games is enjoyable, but there’s still insufficient elaboration on what they’re doing. which leaves us doing much of the thinking ourselves. There’s good and bad about it. Hopefully the ending won’t be disappointing. XD

Yumiko (@guest_3191)
5 years ago

I won’t comment on how this will end, though just know that the source material is on-going. Moreover, I watched Prison Break long ago, and it is somewhat similar to Neverland. I’m sure by the end of season 1 you’ll be able to draw some parallels. Also, I’d enjoy the mind games while it last. They won’t be as big if we get a season 2.

Boner ReachSky
Boner ReachSky (@guest_3190)
5 years ago

With all the things happening around, I doubt this anime will have a happy ending. Nevertheless, will still keep watching it until the end. The twist and turn makes things very interesting, however, they’ve been putting up for too long and it makes it difficult to finish them with a few episodes remaining. This anime reminds me of the drama called Prison Break, but will it be as good as that. I don’t know…..