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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 70

by Yumiko

The long awaited moment has arrived!

Recognition of each squads achievements will finally be recognized. They’ve all given their best, but some have gone above and beyond. Coming in first with a solid 125 gold stars is, the Golden Dawn. Their previous record has been smashed partly due to the newcomer, Yuno. His achievement in the last 6 months are an inspiration to all magical knights. Now, our 2nd place holder comes as a surprise to many. No one saw this coming, but in these pass 6 months they have done so much. The Black Bulls won’t be known as the worse squad anymore. Thanks to Asta, a new age for the Bulls has prospered. However, not everyone can believe today’s results. Two peasant children and one of them being magic-less is hard to buy. Fortunately, they will prove them all wrong. Displaying their honed skills before the crowd, Asta and Yuno have hushed anyone who would question them. These two rising stars just might be the change the Clover Kingdom so desperately needs.

Achievements weren’t the only thing announced at the Star Festival. The King has made a special appearance to usher out some exciting news. The headquarters for the Eye of the Midnight Sun has been located. Taking down these terrorists will require the best, though. In one week’s time, a tournament will be held to pick those that will directly assault the enemy. It’s an exciting time for most, however not everyone was too pleased with the recent results. The new captain of the Crimson Lion Kings, Mereoleona Vermillion, can’t believe they came in 5th. Her squad is in for some intense training, and she’ll be dragging along a few extras. I hope everyone’s ready to sweat. Anyhow, these festive days couldn’t last forever. Enjoy some new faces!





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Before we get to picking the best of the best, we’re in for some training. Tune in next week for the heat!

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