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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 19

by Yumiko

Just who did you come here for again?

Believing that Charybdis has come for him, Rimuru has met the flying monstrosity head on. Using everything at his disposal, well with the exception of Milim, everything will be thrown at this monster. However, even after a day’s worth of fighting, it would appear that not even their full strength could pull it down. Charybdis’s rumored power wasn’t just a legend, after all. Still, upon getting a closer look at the beast, Rimuru noticed something quite odd. A voice of pure hatred was calling out to Milim. There’s only one individual that could be, and his involvement means this fight can be handed over to her. Now, she’ll be taking care of this in a flash, though she will show restraint. Phobio still has a part to play.

They don’t call her the strongest Demon Lord for nothing. Milim was able to easily dispatch Charybdis, yet what followed next was the most important part. Vital information has been extracted from Phobio. Those middle men, or shall we call them the Moderate Harlequin Alliance won’t be able to hide their faces much longer. Everyone in the forest has a bone to pick with them. Moreover, all has been forgiven. Phobio’s life will be spared, although a surprise visitor has come to collect him. Demon Lord Carrion wishes to make up for his underling’s short comings. An agreement between Tempest and the Animal Kingdom of Eurazania has been struck. There shall be no conflicts between these two nations. Anyhow, it’s time to collect the injured and head home. Enjoy the flying sharks!





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Are we in store for more visitors, or something more? Join us again next Monday to learn the next steps.

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