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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

It’s the worse possible situation.

After just obtaining the Caster class card another opponent has appeared. We’ve got a Saber on our hands, and she’s not messing around. Luvia and Rin were first to taste her power, though Illya is the one really feeling it. Seeing such a sight has crippled her with fear. Illya as we know her right now will be of no use in this fight. Still, Miyu stands as the last defender until another plan can be hatched. Her fight against Saber isn’t one she can win, but maybe another pair might stand a chance. Once Luvia and Rin are back on their feet an exchange is made. Ruby and Sapphire have made a special exception due to the circumstances. Their prior wielders have been given temporary access to their power. Regardless, these two stand before the strongest servant. Only a blow of unimaginable power will be able to take her down. Let’s hope they have a plan to pull this off, or they’ll be in for a world of hurt.

I believe this is the last time we get to see Luvia and Rin as magical girls. These two might be on the larger side of magical girls, but they can still pull it off, right? Moreover, the best of this fight has yet to arrive. Episode 6 will be a major moment for Illya, so be sure to check out that review once it arrives here. That so called useless Archer card may be getting real useful soon. Nevertheless, we’ve got plenty of action down below. Enjoy the never ending trouble!





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The best has yet to come. Join us for Illya’s defining moment next time!

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