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Fate/Apocrypha Blu-ray Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Commence the hunt!

An all out war is about to begin, but there’s one pressing issue that must be dealt with. Those on the Black faction are missing a key role. Their Assassin won’t be joining them. Assassin of Black had a rather unique summoning. Jack’s original Master intended to bring her forth by offering a sacrifice. However, after her arrival things turned deadly. The sacrifice was recognized as the Master, and her summoner was put down. Reika was no mage, though she could not deny Jack was now her servant. Unfortunately, this duo would now have to fight against the world. Maintaining Jack called for an extreme plan if she were to participate in the war. Consumption of hearts would be needed, although not just any hearts. Magi from the surrounding areas were being feasted upon. Now, this recent string of murders has caught the attention of both sides. Sisigou from the Red and Fiore from the Black have been assigned to investigate the situation. Both sides wish to quickly handle this, yet upon the battlefield Jack will get the last laugh. She’s escaped and left the two opposing faction in a heated battle.

Assassin of Black will be an on-going problem for quite some time. She wasn’t able to secure any hearts on this night, though she was able to stand up to the most powerful class. Her addition to this war is a true oddity, regardless her runaway status won’t last. She’ll have to answer for her actions sooner or later. Moreover, chasing after Jack is about to experience a large pause. Rumor has it that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are ready for take off. This war is about to see major blood spilled, so prepare for the onslaught. Anyhow, a fight between Masters is still to be determined. Enjoy the battle between blade and arrows!





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