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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko

Good things come in threes!

Rimuru’s home is growing in many unexpected ways. Gazel has returned for a second time, and brought along a old face. The dishonored minister, Vesta, shall be repurposed. He will now devote his life to studying under the Tempest roof. Having a new set of hands to help with research won’t be rejected by Rimuru and Kaijin. At the same time, Gabiru, his sister, and their entourage have come to gain valuable experience by serving Rimuru. Fellow members of the alliance won’t be turned away. They’ve also been gifted names to show they are truly under Rimuru’s care now. Moreover, our final guest is a surprise one. A Demon Lord has come to say hello to Rimuru. Milim Nava saw Rimuru’s recent exploit, although her arrival poses a danger. Handling an individual 10 times stronger than Rimuru through combat won’t be possible. Just some sweets will have to do the trick. After a taste of Rimuru’s honey, Milim has quickly decided she never wants to leave. A best friend and a powerful ally has been found on this day.

Having a Demon Lord by one’s side is great and all, but there’s consequences to come from such actions. Each Demon Lord out there currently maintains a balance, and inviting Milim in has upset that balance. We’ll at least be treated to some good times before someone comes knocking, though. Milim’s a real treat, so treasure every moment with her. Anyhow, this post is already late enough. Enjoy dat Milim!


Lads, I’m not saying she’s got it all, but damn!




Click here for the WebM album.


The good times are rolling in. Join us for more slime time next Monday!

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