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Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Hold the snot!

Fuutarou hasn’t given up yet, though he’ll make a deal with the quintuplets. If they can pass a test with at least 50%, then he will never speak to them again. Well, not a single sister could even get close to the half way mark. Regardless, they are all still running from Fuutarou. These borderline failures just don’t want to study. Now, Fuutarou can’t just give up there. He’s got to find a way to get each girl to the study table. Using the recent test results will aid him in more ways than one. A surprise question has hooked Miku to his side. Turns out, she’s quite the history buff. However, winning her over won’t be so simple. A single mistake had Miku walking away. Proving his worth in Japanese history may cost a whole night, but this is worth it. Miku will learn that he isn’t the top student just for show. After chasing her down and defeating all her questions, Fuutarou has won the battle. Welcome to the study session, Miku.

Those test results and getting to know Miku a bit has aided Fuutarou in another way. Miku has expressed that anything she do, her sisters can also do. Now, interestingly enough the quintuplets combined score on Fuutarou’s test was 100, though none of them got the same question correct. If what Miku claims is true, then saving the quintuplets from flunking out is possible. All Fuutarou needs to do is gather them all up and make them realize this. I know, easier said than done. Still, Fuutarou already has 2 of the 5 on his side. The rest are going to be quite the challenge, though. Anyhow, it’s time for a run between the two slowest students. Enjoy the snot!


This scene doesn’t really work out all too well in the anime, but we’re just going to have to let this one slide.






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Yumiko (@guest_3256)
4 years ago

This ending was a feast for the eyes. I can’t wait for season 2 next year!

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3255)
4 years ago

A very beautiful ending !!