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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

The land of white serenity awaits!

Neptune’s journey to become a Goddess others can look up to continues. Her time within Lastation may have been questionable, but she’ll get it right this time. Lowee’s Goddess, White Heart, should set her straight. However, Neptune has yet again come to slack off. Blanc has little time for messing around. Her endless nights of work mean everything to her. Not even a moments notice can be lent out to her little sisters. Rom and Ram are no fans of the work life, though they’ll get a chance go out and play with Neptune’s arrival. All our Goddesses with the exception of Blanc are off to the newly opened amusement park. Unfortunately, two villains were waiting for them. Linda and Trick were quick to kidnap Rom and Ram. Now, this news couldn’t of been worse for a Goddess already on the edge. Blanc was totally out of it, although her hard work would help find her little sisters. Hidden within the unfinished section of the park, Rom and Rom awaited rescue. Each Goddess will be doing their part in this operation, yet Blanc will be getting the final blow. After a well deserved rest, a hot mouthed Goddess is ready to play. See you in the stars, Trick.

Today’s kidnapping wasn’t a random occurrence. The one who put them up to the act was a mysterious women we’ve only seen briefly. She’s been going around collecting crystals, and she’ll soon be putting them to work. Looks like our Goddesses could be in for a bit of trouble. As previously shown, Noire felt a power drain just being near one. Moreover, yes it has been some time since the last posting on this project. I still plan on completing it all, though just remember it may take quite some time. Nevertheless, it’s always a pleasure to work on media involving Noire. She’s got a beauty like no other. Anyhow, be on the look out for Abnes. Enjoy the licks!







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I’m feeling another blu-ray review is on the way. Join us later today for more media!

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