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Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

They’re not going to make this easy.

Let’s start this one off with introducing our male lead. Fuutarou Uesugi is the top student of his class. Scoring 100’s and studying non-stop are his everything. However, outside of school he faces a daily pressing issue. His family is neck deep in debt. This has led him to lead a very cheap lifestyle, though a chance opportunity could change this. Fuutarou’s father has found him a top paying part-time job. A wealthy family has just moved in, and they need a tutor for their daughter. Now, naturally being the top student qualified him, but he made a mistake prior to accepting the gig. His bad attitude got him on the wrong side of the new transfer student. Said transfer student would turn out to be the individual he would be instructing. Unfortunately for him, Itsuki isn’t very forgiving. Calling a girl out on her food habits never ends well. Regardless, he’ll do what ever it takes to make things up. This job means quite a lot of this family, after all. Chasing after Itsuki only led him to greater problems, although it was only a matter of time before he found out. He won’t be teaching just Itsuki. The Nakano family name is shared between 5 daughters, and they are all in danger of flunking out.

It’s time for 5 times the trouble. Miku, Yotsuba, Ichika, Nino, and Itsuki are all on the verge of being kicked out of school. Their recent transfer into Fuutarou’s school was to help save them, but they do not plan to help save themselves. Each one is doing everything in their power to avoid studying. As such, Fuutarou’s arrival isn’t taken too kindly by everyone. Some are more accepting of his presence than others, still it’s one chaotic scene. Even gathering them all up is a impossible task right now. Nevertheless, today’s failure has pushed Fuutarou to double down. They may have forced him out the first time, yet he won’t give up on them. They’re in for one rude awakening next time.

The ground work has been laid, so what can we expect? First, this is clearly a harem show, thus don’t expect anything too big coming out of this one. It’s unlikely to be a complete story, or it will have an original ending. However, if you can accept all that, then you’ll have 5 finely crafted quintuplets. They may be identical, though they are quite different inside. I’m sure we’ll all arrive at different conclusions on who is the best among the 5, cough Miku cough. Anyhow, let’s get this study session on. Enjoy the quintuplets!




Episode 1:




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We’ve got weeks of Quintuplet troubles to come. Join us each Thursday for 5 times the fun!

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