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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 0

by Yumiko

Feeling cursed?

Before we get too into this there are a number of things one should know. First, make sure you’ve watched Fate/Zero. It’s not a solid requirement, but knowing who Waver and Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald are will be important. The relationship these two had in the past lay the groundwork for this story. Moreover, after the fourth Holy Grail War, Waver would not return to the Clock Tower for 3 years. During that time he changed vastly. All traces of the weak and timid boy had vanished. Displaying his new self before the Association allowed him to become a lecturer. No one thought much of him, yet his radical ideas soon saw him rise in popularity. Unfortunately, when Waver returned he also learned of some bad news. House El-Melloi had begun to fall. Without Kayneth a large gap was left behind, and the next head was far too young to take over. Feeling ultimately responsible for what happened to Kayneth, Waver saves house El-Melloi. Regardless, the next head of the El-Melloi family does not forgive him. She does however offer him a position. Until she becomes of age, Waver will act as the head of the family. Donning his many successes, he has become the youngest lord within the Clock Tower. Still, Waver’s rise to the top won’t be accepted by all. He’ll always have to watch his back as Lord El-Melloi II.

The above should be plenty enough to view this episode. I’m sure things will be properly explained once the anime airs during the 2019 summer season. Anyways, episode 0 here begins with showing off the man Waver has become, and the apprentice that he’s picked up. These two work tirelessly to stay on top, but forces are always working against them. Now, the Clock Tower was always known to have power struggles. Picking a side is natural for many people, but Waver has remained neutral in these matter. This neutrality and the fact that he isn’t well liked has painted a target on him. During a slip of the tongue, Waver found himself cursed. However, this was no playful spell. Waver soon finds his life in danger. Investigating the one who cursed him was simple, though. Those closest to him were quick to lend their aid, too. Unfortunately, the man sent to kill him was hired from the outside. Capturing him does little, although Waver’s life is in the clear for now.

I have to say, I went into this one very blind. I’m fan of Waver, but something else here really got me to like this. Waver’s apprentice, Gray, is an absolute cutey. Even after all these years Fate can still produce top notch characters. There certainly is a reason they have remained while so many others have faded. Another thing of note here is, TROYCA did a boss job of animating this. The summer season already has one confirmed beauty waiting to be covered. Let’s just hope I can make it that long. Anyhow, let’s begin today’s early case. Enjoy the inner workings of the Clock Tower!


I’m convinced this is a common error at this point. I find these all the time, but I’ll let it slide for Gray.

I know this magic isn’t unique, but if your a fan of Black Clover you’ll notice something here.

Nice T-shirt.




Click here for the WebM album.


Be sure to return this summer for more. Still, in the meantime look forward to another review each day!

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