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Dog Days Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

It’s a declaration of war!

Princess Millhiore has been taken by Prince Gaul. Upon seeing such a sight, Cinque swore on the spot to save her. This pledge to fight was only beneficial to one side, though. Gaul has gotten the Hero to come face him, but the sudden battle risks Millhiore missing her performance. This means there is no time to wait for reinforcements. Cinque, Éclair, and Rico must now bravely march forward to save the princess. Fortunately, these youngster won’t have to do it all alone. Two of the finest members of the Biscotti Republic have returned home. Brioche and Yukikaze will lend their aid on this night. Regardless, the time of the concert draws near. Cinque has found his way to Gaul, yet will he save Millhiore in time?

It certainly has been sometime since the last posting, well really the last posting of any of the blu-ray reviews. I did go into detail about this in the end of the year post. Nevertheless, my goal going forward is to really start getting these reviews out faster. There’s a long line of blu-ray reviews, though. Hopefully the winter season is kind to me. Moreover, the non-stop battles will conclude next time. Cinque’s arrival into this world has been action packed, yet we all can’t fight forever. Anyhow, there’s a princess that needs saving. Enjoy another clash between cats and dogs!





Click here for the WebM album.


I feel another blu-ray review is on the way. Check back tomorrow for more high quality goods!

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