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Goblin Slayer T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko


Goblin Slayer’s greatest problem has landed right on his doorstep. A horde of goblins plan to take over the farm. Unfortunately, taking them all on alone won’t be possible. Tackling 100 or more goblins on a open field would be suicide. Now, Goblin Slayer still plans to fight, but he wishes for his childhood friend to flee. She is one of the few things he does not wish to lose, yet she in turn does not wish to lose him. This farm is only place they can call home together. If she is to run away, she knows the inevitable outcome. Standing her ground during that moment changed a dire fate. She will not run no matter how gruesome things might get. This leaves Goblin Slayer with little choice in the matter. It’s time to ask for some help.

Asking others for help is something quite foreign to Goblin Slayer. The majority of his adventuring life he has been a solo player. Yet, his sister’s final lesson has compel him to act. He will protect the girl this time. Going before the entire guild, Goblin Slayer requests everyone’s aid. In exchange for their swords, he will give them everything except for his life. This sudden announcement has some of the familiar faces moved, though many care not for goblins. However, the word of a silver ranked adventurer does carry some weight with it. The guild has recognized the threat, and made it a formal quest. Each goblin killed will earn an individual a single piece of gold. Hearing this has many hands ready to help protect the farm. Nevertheless, taking on this horde of goblins presents a unique sighting. The very top of the goblin ladder has come out the play.

The goblin are coming, but no without a plan. These goblin are being led by the very best among their race. A Goblin Lord leads this horde, and he has big plans in sight. However, he has crossed the wrong farm. Goblin Slayer is all too familiar with the tactics of goblins. He has perfectly planned ahead to counter any strategy these goblins may employ. All the adventurers he has recruited will hold the line at the farm. In the meantime, Goblin Slayer has headed off to do what he does best. The Goblin Lord best watch his back, or a true monster just might catch him. Anyhow, the defense is on. Enjoy the beginning of the end!


Keep your eyes on the goblins!




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We’ve got one more to go and one last goblin to deal with. Join us for the epic conclusion this Saturday here at, Anime Solution!

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