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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 64

by Yumiko

We’re family?

The Queen of the Witches means to ensure her everlasting reign. Controlling Asta and imprisoning Vanessa again are all within her grasp. However, there is one magic that can stop her. Long ago the Queen foresaw that Vanessa would be able to control fate. Knowing that such power could be hers, the Queen locked Vanessa away. Being that they were family, it was only natural that Vanessa should give everything to her Queen. Unfortunately, those long years under the Queen’s surveillance did little to bring about her power. Vanessa’s future appeared grim, well until he showed up. Out of the blue, Yami crashed into Vanessa’s cell. The outside world appeared before her for the very first time, and she took a risk like no other. Following Yami changed her world for the better. She joined the Black Bulls and saw a family grow before her eyes. Cherishing those numerous moments with her family meant everything, yet a wicked individual now stands before her claiming to be her only, “true family”. Sadly for this Queen, Vanessa will no longer be shackled to her. Fate will foresee that Vanessa’s family is protected. Not even the Queen’s blood magic can withstand the red string of fate.

Vanessa has had her grand moment! Taking down the Queen of the Witches to her knees is no small feat. Now, with the Queen dealt with that ends the action for this arc. It has certainly been an exciting one, but it had to end sometime. Still, we’ll be in for a bit of a reveal next time. Our dear Queen should be letting us know some crucial details going forward. Anyhow, the Black Bulls are at their height. Enjoy another power-up!





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We’ll be finally heading back to base soon. So, join us for the end of the arc next Tuesday!

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