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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

He’s been chosen, but now what?

The presence of the Orc Lord has been confirmed by Treyni. This mighty monster is one that not even the dryads could hope to defeat. Due to their overwhelming numbers and the Orc Lord’s unique skill, Rimuru is their only hope. Rimuru is a slime like no other. Being blessed by Veldora, and bringing together many different groups is no small feat. Still, this Orc Lord presents a true threat to everyone within Jura Forest. The Orc Lord’s unique ability, Starved, inflicts his entire army with a insatiable hunger. Whether one is friend of foe, they will be utilized to feed the marching army. Additionally, those they feast upon help empower the army. The stronger a corpse is, the stronger they get. Once Rimuru knew of this fact, he had no choice in the matter. However, he won’t be able to do this one alone. Taking on 200,000 orcs could prove a bit difficult even for the great Rimuru. So, it’s time form an official alliance with the Lizardmen.

Negotiations with the Lizardmen went as best as one could hope. Rimuru’s party will meet up with the Lizardmen in 7 days time. Once both groups are united, then the true battle can begin. In the meantime, the Lizardmen were to defend themselves at all costs. The orcs have descended upon the marshlands, though they are at a disadvantage. Holding out was within the realm of possibility, however things changed once Gabiru returned home. As we’ve seen for some time now, Gabiru thinks quite highly of himself. Those around him also believe he should be their true leader. Now, he planned to take over from this father after dealing with the Orc Lord, yet one final push has come his way. A majin under the lord that named him has made a declaration The old man can longer do what is needed for the Lizardmen. It is now up to Gabiru to take over and do what must be done. Upon his arrival back home he does just that. Gabiru’s in charge now, although taking the offensive route may have just bit him in the butt. The Orc Lord’s army hungers.

Talk about being way over your head. Gabiru’s ignorance is playing right into the greater ploy at hand. If even one Lizardmen falls to the orcs, then they will no longer be at a advantage. Being as hotblooded as he is, he has no clue about this unique skill. Regardless, reinforcements are still on their way. Rimuru and his team will be needed soon. Let’s just hope they make it there in time, or there’s going to be one great Lizardmen feast. Anyhow, enough chatter. Enjoy the chosen slime!





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He’s given them just what they wanted, but can they now recover? Find out how the battle continues next Monday here at, Anime Solution!

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