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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

The apprentices strike back!

Their defeat was devastating, but Mouryou will not break them. Those that remain will fight back. Project Gekkako must be stopped at all cost, or Sorasaki will be lost. If this plan succeeds, then all local residents will be under the control of Mouryou. We’ve seen the trial dispersal of this drug, and the effects will be severe. Regardless, taking down Mouryou this time won’t be easy. After being stabbed in the back and losing their mentors, they are at half efficiency. There’s no reinforcements coming, though a supposed dead women has risen again. Yuki has returned, however she will only be able to support her fellow Tsukikage members. Still, even with another set of hands they must race against the clock. Mouryou’s victory is close at hand, nevertheless Tsukikage is right behind them.

It’s great to see the apprentices standing on their own. This was the ultimate wish of each mentor, after all. Yes, their loss was harsh, but there are bigger things at play here. Mouryou has become a major threat to everyone’s freedom. It is moments like this where each of the spyces must overlook their own pain. Their greatest treasure is now in jeopardy, and there’s no time for tears. Moreover, we’re still missing a few friendly faces. I’m sure they will make a resurface in the finale, though. Tsukikage may be a small force, although each member is tough as nails. Anyhow, one final review remains. Enjoy the Torture Master 2000!





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