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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko


Moryo is sending in one of their best to confirm their intel. Knowing for sure if Aoba is apart of Tsukikage is today’s mission. However, the operative sent in to achieve information on Aoba has a personal connection with her. Theresia and Aoba are long lost childhood friends. The beginning of this friendship began in a foreign land with a poor girl stealing from the rich. Theresia was quickly caught, but Aoba let her go free. Now, during this time Aoba lacked friends. Over the course of several days Aoba latched onto Theresia. They may have been from different worlds, yet they were quick to become friends. Unfortunately, their friendship came to a sudden halt once they were both kidnapped. Aoba’s freedom was bought by her parents. Theresia on the other hand was left behind and sold to Moryo. It would by many years before these two reunited, nevertheless a boiling grudge has built up inside Theresia. How could her friend just leave her behind?

Unknown to Theresia, Aoba planned to save her. Once she was set free it was far too late, though. Theresia had vanished without a trace. Moryo became her everything after the purchase was completed. So, where does this lead us? Two former friends are now playing spy versus spy. Tsukikage finds Theresia’s sudden resurface to be far too suspicious. They are closely keeping an eye on her at all times. Likewise, Theresia is watching them all to confirm their identities and base of operations. She hasn’t confirmed anything, yet she’s gotten in close. Anyhow, let’s rekindle some forgotten memories. Enjoy the lick of truth!





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Our focus on Aoba isn’t over yet. Join us next Sunday to get to the bottom of this friendship!

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