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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Welcome to the project.

It all begun 5 years ago when a unique piece of equipment was announced. Many saw this as no more than a piece to a gaming rig, however Kikuoka saw its true potential. NerveGear could change the face of war across the globe. The SAO incident propelled Kikuoka into a position where his ambitions could begin. Additionally, with the release of the World Seed, Underworld could be created. Inside this world, Kikuoka established a civilization for cultivation. By copying the souls of several newborns, Alicization began. Underworld was to be the beginning of generations of future AI war machines. Unfortunately, this project has ran into a major problem. Over the course of several generations a supreme power has established itself within Underworld. The Axiom Church stands uncontested within this world due to the Taboo Index. Not a single citizen dares to break the law. Now, having an AI that refuses to kill is quite problematic for Kikuoka. Nevertheless, there was a single incident where an individual broke the law. Replication of that incident is now Kikuoka’s goal to get the project back on target.

So, how does Kirito factor into all of this? Well, that incident only came about due to Kirito’s influence. When Alice broke the Taboo Index, she proved that this current obstacle can be defeated. Furthermore, Kirito being out of the game presented a dire situation for Rath. Securing his life was of utmost importance for the continuation of this project. Now, they may have taken him for their own gain, yet they are also planning on helping him recover. Currently the brain damage he suffered is beyond modern medicine. His only hope lies within using the STL to help recover. It’s a long shot, but it’s also his only chance to ever see the light again. Anyhow, that’s enough explanation for one day. Enjoy more time with Asuna!


Video games, not even once.




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