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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Destiny has arrived.

The goblin village is in full bloom! These dwarves have set the village on a course for success, and that’s not all. Word of Rimuru’s exploits has reached the far corners of the forest. A number of other goblin villages have now sought out to serve him. Now, turning them away would mean their certain demise. The absence of Veldora has already begun to upset the balance within these lands. Moreover, Veldora’s disappearance has also caused great concern within the human nations. The nation of Brumund is one that would be instantly annihilated if war were to break out. As such, a group of adventurers has been tasked with a quest to investigate the situation. However, the trio assigned to the task will be bringing on an extra. The women fated to be with Rimuru has entered the Great Forest of Jura.

Shizu’s arrival into the forest is an explosive one. Monsters are the rulers of these woods, after all. Still, while she would normally be able to hold her own, Shizu experienced a unexpected moment of pause. A moments hesitation in these woods would normally spell death, though a certain village was alerted of their presence. Rimuru will be today’s savior! Nevertheless, once he saw Shizu he instantly recognized her from the fortune telling. This was the one he was fated to be connected with. Additionally, both of them share a unique connection in this world. They both originate from Japan. Although, Shizu’s arrival into this world was quite different from Rimuru’s. She was summoned in as a weapon, yet for what end?

It’s finally time to recall upon the opening scene of this show. That particular scene took place during WWII. If you’re not familiar with history, well the United States Air Force fire bombed Tokyo heavily. During this bombing a young Shizu was caught in the blaze, however she was also summoned at the same time. This crucial timing allowed her affinity for fire to be quite excellent. Her summoner used this opportunity to his advantage. Shizu’s body was offered up to Ifrit. A fire spirit of immense power consumed her. Shizu was to be used as a weapon and tool for her summoner, yet there’s a deeper history to be told for another time. Anyhow, ready to name 500 goblins? Enjoy the glimpse into the past!





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Ready to be set free? Join us next time to see destiny at work!

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