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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 54

by Yumiko

Never giving up is his magic!

It’s time to get Asta’s injuries looked at. Having both arms out of commission leaves this swordsman severely crippled. Unfortunately, there’s some bad news to be had. Not even the best recovery mage in the Clover Kingdom will be able to heal Asta. His arms have been afflicted with an ancient curse. Dispelling such magic is beyond current known capabilities. That crushing despair did get something, after all. Moreover, during the diagnosis, Finral overheard about Asta’s condition. Asta hasn’t publicly said anything, though it weights heavy upon him. Knowing Asta’s doomed fate tears Finral apart. During a celebration while Asta steps out, he breaks the news to everyone. As one could imagine, everyone is devastated after hearing the news. They are quick to check up on him, but to their surprise he hasn’t given up. Asta has declared that no matter what, he will press on. The world may be against him at each turn, yet his dream will never fade. He will continue to face off against his rival in his pursuit of becoming the Magic Emperor!

Asta’s call to never give up has inspired his fellow knights. Unknown to him, they have all gone off in search of a way to cure him. Knowledge about ancient curses is rather rare, but one of his comrades knows of a way to help him. It’s a risky decision, but she is willing to go back to a place where she is no longer welcome. Vanessa heads for her home land, however what will await her there? Now, Vanesssa wasn’t the only one with a creditable lead. Noelle believes she knows someone that may be of help. A man we have yet to be introduced to has shown his face. Although, we’ll have to wait till next time to learn his connection with the Black Bulls.

I’ve said this to myself for countless months now, but not a single episode has stuck with me as truly noteworthy. I have a genuine love for Black Clover, though most of it is for the manga. However, after experiencing this episode, I can say this is one that will stick with me. Two scenes during this one really got to me. I even dare say they pulled it off better in the anime. First, Asta’s declaration to never give up. In the face of such overwhelming odds, he will not be brought down. He is an individual surrounded by god-like magical beings, nevertheless he’s willing to take that next step forward. The 2nd scene to really get me was once he figured out what was going on. Finding out what his teammates were willing to go through finally got him. There’s no shame in crying here, Asta. Being blessed with people who truly care for you is beyond words. Asta, be sure to cherish them all. Anyhow, the hunt for Asta’s cure is on. Enjoy the celebration!





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Time to wipe away the tears. Asta hasn’t given up, and so will we. Join us for another Clover update this Tuesday!

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