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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Everyone makes mistakes.

Momo may be an official member of Tsukikage, but she’s got a long ways to go. Proving herself will take quite some time, and a number of mistakes on her part are to be expected. Still, she does not wish to disappoint her mentor. Her shortcomings will be reflected back onto Yuki. Regardless, every member of Tsukikage made mistakes at some point. Momo’s fellow apprentices are no exception to this. When she was losing hope, they made sure to prop her right back up. A moment for her to shine will come soon enough.

A bold claim, though surly unproven. Moryo’s unbeatable and strongest mercenary was taken out by Momo. She’s got some experience under her belt now. However, Tsukikage has been played. The criminal syndicate gripping their city has won on this day. They were able to successfully divert Tsukikage to another location. How could this be? Tsukikage’s information network is nearly perfect. Well, there’s a rat in the bunch. Someone within Tsukikage has been a traitor since our adventure began. They’ve been feeding Moryo with credible intel that has put Tsukikage behind. Now, who ever this traitor is has yet to be revealed, although it could be anyone. They’re all suspect until proven guilty. Anyhow, remember to never give up. Enjoy the strongest loli in the world!





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Today’s victory goes to Moryo, though the girls are still hot on their tail. Stay tuned for more dubstep action here at, Anime Solution!

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