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Goblin Slayer T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Just who is Goblin Slayer?

Before we can go on any further, one must know how such an individual was formed. Goblin Slayer is one without any unique ability, blessing, or upbringing. It was the experiences he was forced to undergo that created this man. As a young child, Goblin Slayer had his village raided by goblins. These goblins were ruthless. Before his eyes he watched his sister defiled and butchered. He could do nothing but cower during this moment, though from that point forward he changed. The goblins had taken everything from, thus he would take everything from them. After being the only survivor of the raid, he dedicated his entire life to slaying goblins. Through numerous years of training and experience on the field, they only know this legendary figure by his title. Goblin Slayer will not rest until every single goblin is slain.

Many believe Goblin Slayer to be completely insane, however they couldn’t be more wrong. He is a man truly dedicated to his cause. Goblin Slayer has perfected his art of goblin slaying through numerous avenues. He’ll do and learn what ever it takes to kill goblins. Moreover, someone has to deal with the goblin problem. It is a common belief that goblins should be handled by beginners, and Goblin Slayer tarnishes the high rank of silver. How could such an individual reach this rank in the first place? Well, Goblin Slayer has been killing goblins non-stop for 5 years now. He cares not for glory or rewards, he only wishes to kill goblins. The gods do not compel him, he is beyond the roll of the die, a man of true free will he is. Goblin Slayer will do what he must as long as it involves goblins. Anyhow, you’ve got new allies on the way, Goblin Slayer. Enjoy another day of goblin slaying!




Episode 2:


ED: Yet another running ending!




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We’ve got some unexpected visitors on their way. Join us next time for the beginning of a new adventure!

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