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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 53

by Yumiko

And the man behind the mask is…

The attack on Kiten has come to a close. Still, Asta has to get his moment during all this. One of the Diamond Generals just doesn’t know when to stay down. A little taste of anti-magic should do the trick, though. No civilians will be harmed under Asta’s watch. Moreover, it’s time to confirm Yami’s suspicion. He believe there could be a possible connection between William Vangeance and Licht. There are a number of things that line up between these 2 individuals. Their body height, the structure of the face, and even their ki is way too similar. In order to be sure, Yami requests a mask removal. Underneath William’s mask is a permanent birthmark. A birthmark that has caused William a great deal of heartache. Regardless, William’s story ends up checking out. William is glad he and Yami could share this moment, although something still isn’t quite right. He may be in the clear for now, yet the suspicion remains.

Episode 53 may have been largely about the face real, but there are also a few other brewing problems. The noble house of Vaude is home to two brothers. Both these brothers were blessed with spatial magic, however one’s talent far surpasses the other. It’s no secret Finral’s ability to dish out the damage is lacking. As such, his younger brother, Langris, is the favored heir of House Vaude. Langris’s disdain for his elder brother has only grown since they’ve both joined the magical knights. He comfortably sits at the top as a vice captain, and his brother dwells at the bottom as a taxi. A confrontation between these two was a long time coming, then it happened. Langris may act all high and mighty to Finral, but not to his comrades. It was during this moment, Finral declared that one day the Black Bulls would stand atop the Golden Dawn. A day we may just live to see happen, though that won’t be for quite a bit. Anyhow, it’s time to fight over Yuno. Enjoy the cupcake!





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