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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 52

by Yumiko

Don’t mess with the strongest.

The Black Bulls have arrived, though they won’t be today’s focus. The Golden Dawn has the situation completely under control. Being the strongest among all the magical knight organizations wasn’t just talk. Repelling the Diamond Generals and their forces were handled in a flash. Even Yuno has displayed just how far he has come. Taking out a general on his own proves he’s a real contender for the future. Best watch yourself, Asta. Your rival has some unrivaled magic at his disposal now.

Episode 52 showed just how powerful some of the members of the Golden Dawn are. The vice captain, Langris Vaude, knows the true power of spatial magic. He’s no taxi like a certain older brother. Moreover, we go to see a truly unique magic. William Vangeance’s world tree magic is worthy of one that stands on top. Taking his foes magic and feeding his own brought forth a magnificent sight. Don’t mess with this captain, or you’ll be food for the trees. Moreover, Yami’s decision to come to Kiten wasn’t just for back up. He has come to confirm a suspicion of his. Another traitor is certainly within the high ranks of the Clover Kingdom. Who it could be is anyone guess, but Yami is real close on the money. Anyhow, it’s time for a true display of magic. Enjoy the golden dawn!


OP: It’s another new opening. You know the drill at this point.


Episode 52:


ED: This ending make use of some footage we’ve already seen, but still great nonetheless.




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We’ll be wrapping up this invasion real soon. Join us for Asta’s moment to shine next time here at, Anime Solution!

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