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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

So, you want to be a spy?

Momo has been accepted into Tsukikage, but she has a long ways to go before becoming a formal member. Training is what she needs, and training is what she’ll get. Under Yuki’s strict tutelage, Momo will be pushed harder than ever before. Becoming a spy means one must train their body and mind to be ready for any situation. Momo won’t be receiving even a moments rest. At any time she could be faced with a training exercise. Now, all this training is being done for a test. If Momo passes, then she will be an official member of Tsukikage. The test in question involves one simple task. Momo must be able to catch Mei within a limited amount of time. Still, catching a veteran member of Tsukikage won’t be easy even after 2 months of training. Momo will have to use everything she has learned during these months to outsmart her opponent. Let’s just say, a well placed barricade was all it took to win this match.

Momo has become an official member of Tsukikage! Congratulations to her, and I hope she proudly protects her city. Moreover, during this episode we got to learn just what spyce is. Spyce is the lifeblood of this spy organization. It enables each agent to have a temporary superhuman boost in agility. Using Spyce gives these girls the edge to fight off villains, though there is a down side. One naturally outgrows the usage of spyce as they age. Better enjoy the spyce life while it last, Momo. Anyhow, it’s time to suit up. Enjoy the intense workout regiment!



We James Bond now.


Episode 2:




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Training complete! Unfortunately, during that time the syndicate has been on the move. Be sure to check out their next move here at, Anime Solution.

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