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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 50

by Yumiko

Mission complete!

The Black Bulls have secured the magic stone from the underwater temple. It didn’t come to them easily, though. Vetto pushed everyone he faced to their limits. This unfortunately meant some people sustained heavy injuries. Even Asta won’t be walking away from this one without consequence. Regardless, at the end of the day the Bulls came out on top. Their hard earned victory also comes with some time for reflection, celebration, and rest. The people of the underwater temple are gracious for what the Bulls have done. If the Bulls had not come they would have be wiped out. Upon their departure, the Black Bulls are sung out as heroes. This day will go down in history for these people.

Vetto’s passing has already began to pull strings. The Eye of the Midnight Sun will not forget losing one of their own. Another member of the Three Eyes will soon be on the move. Moreover, the Bulls are finally back home. It has been an entire season worth of episodes since they’ve seen the base. Hopefully everyone gets some much needed off-time. However, trouble is always approaching the Clover Kingdom. It won’t be long before Asta is back into the mix. He may be hurt, yet he’ll always answer the call to protect the people. Anyhow, ready to pay your respects? Enjoy the end of despair!





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They’re back home, but a new threat is already on the way. Join us for the invasion next time!

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