One Room 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 11

It’s always a fun day with Mashiro.

The job hunt is still not going so great, but Mashiro is keeping positive. During her free time she continues to show off her athletic ability, though she is not able to compete. So, how about coaching? She may have no clue how to teach, however as long as she can inspire her students it could go well. Moreover, Mashiro wants to know why we’re so kind to her. Well, isn’t that obvious. She’s a blast to be around. Mashiro in turn also enjoys the fun presence we bring along. Our days together have only gotten better one after the other.

Those eyes don’t lie. Our time with Mashiro may be short, yet we’re now able to get her heart racing. Hopefully this push in the right direction helps her out, though. She’s got the determination to make it far out there. Now all she needs is just the chance. Anyhow, ready to snap her beauty? Enjoy the leotard!







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We’ve only got one more episode to go, but I’ve got a good feeling about it. Join us in the room once more here at, Anime Solution!

8 thoughts on “One Room 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 11

    1. I have a feeling the help we’ve been providing to Mashiro will have been worth it. Once she obtains a job the relationship should also progress, as well. As for season 3, well I wouldn’t rule it out. Seems like One Room has a fair amount of popularity. I’m sure there will be more One Room related media to come.

        1. Well, it’s no secret I love SAO. Covering the recent alternative story was great. I’ll never forget LLENN. I’ll be for sure watching this next year of SAO, too! From what I’m told there will be plenty of action to come.

          1. I wish you all the best for cover this show. Will be looking forward to it!! (^^)/

          2. Normally, I would be all over covering SAO, but I’m not sure about this one. Due to this season being a year long, I’m not sure I can take on that commitment right now. Black Clover has already got me locked in for possibly another 6 months. I’ll be watching it for sure, though. Still, we’ll see once I get back here in a week.

          3. Well, you really need to have that perseverance when it comes to SAO. Remember your passion for anime and building up this website. If you don’t mind, im willing to make some media for this show since i’ll be watching it too. It’s a shame the Fapservice is not a suitable platform to review this anime. XD

          4. I’ll have a clearer picture for what I’ll be taking on next season after I return. Hopefully the night I get back I can post out the 1 year anniversary post. That should outline all things to come here. Until then, I’ll be on the other side, hehe. See you soon!

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