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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

It’s happening!

For sometime now, Shoko and Asahi have been meeting up regularly. Their relationship happened by chance, but after Shoko learned of Asahi’s circumstances she was drawn to him. She wished to see this broken soul be happy, yet Asashi himself could only find happiness down one path. Shio was his only ray of hope. Unfortunately, that ray of hope has been stolen from him, and that thief now wishes to get rid of him. Satou’s plan to lead Asahi away has succeeded, though it came at a dire cost. Once Shoko found out the details about Asashi’s departure, she took things into her own hands. Stalking those that led Asashi astray has led Shoko to the root. Shoko has found Shio with Satou. Well, that sight would be one of the last things she ever saw, although before that she did one last important action. Shoko has sent an incriminating picture to Asahi. The truth is now out there, however at what cost?

The flow of this episode was perfect. Satou was practically in heaven when she got Asahi off her tail. All potential risks had finally been dealt with, or so she thought. She was mere moments from having a day like no other with shio, and then it happened. Shoko saw something she never should of. Now, these two may have been best friends, but after Shoko pulled her most recent move things were never quite the same. Trusting Shoko not to leak this info was out of the question. Satou did what she had to do to protect her happy sugar life. Sadly, what she had to do came with the cost of a life. Shoko is no more. Anyhow, ready for some knife play? Enjoy Shoko’s final moments!





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Has paradise been lost? Join us next week to learn more about Satou’s fate.

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