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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 22

by Yumiko

Did you pass?

The results of the provisional hero license exam are finally in. A majority of class 1-A has managed to make it through. Unfortunately, there were two that were not so lucky. Their actions during the 2nd half of the exam were costly. As we saw last week, Inasa and Todoroki let their personal feud get the better of themselves. The other student that failed to pass was Bakugo. His actions during the rescue operation were less than stellar. Yelling at those in need of help isn’t what a hero should do. Now, those among the 100 who failed will be given another chance. They will be allowed to take a 3 month long course in order to earn their license. Still, not even this will sate one young man’s growing anger. Bakugo can no longer stand Deku surpassing him, and has now called him out for a rematch. Seeing someone he had always believed to be below him rise above has wounded him. Deku won’t be able to talk his way out of this one.

A number of other matters happened outside of the eyes of class 1-A. First, Toga has finally completed her mission. Toga’s task to obtain some of Midoriya’s blood has ended, but it required her to go undercover. Using her quirk enabled her to get real close to Midoriya during the exam. That “Camie” was just a tad to sly. Moreover, All Might has paid All For One a visit. These two have much to talk about, yet All For One will be doing a majority of the talking. He has predicted a number of future events to come. Everything he has done has gone according to his plan, although All Might has now vowed to smash his vision into pieces. Regardless, the future looks grim for hero society. Anyhow, ready to experience their reactions? Enjoy the results!





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Rivals will once again clash. Tune in next week for this destined rematch.

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