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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Ready to insert for the Demon Lord?

Atop the Starfall Tower is where the ritual of rebirth will take place. Edelgard has prepared everything for this fated moment. All that needs to be done now is for Rem to assume her position, and for Diablo to insert his magic. Reaching deep within Rem won’t be an easy task, though. Daiblo must dive deeper than ever before to reach the Demon Lord’s soul. This means he’ll need a direct entrance to Rem. Now, once insertion was completed, Krebskulm’s revival was assured. Diablo’s promise to Rem is now here, but something isn’t quite right. Krebskulm has forgotten her motive for being a Demon Lord. Destruction of the mortal races was her original goal, yet maybe our trio can convince her otherwise. Consumption of the all biscuits sounds just as good, right? Well, teaching Krebskulm that killing is bad went over rather easy. However, not everyone is happy about this sudden change in the Demon Lord. There are now some who believe this resurrection to be incomplete. In order to get back the Demon Lord of old, these people would see the current one slain. Unfortunately, the Demon Lord from another world won’t be letting that happen.

Rem’s problem has been solved, although in a way she never imagined. I doubt anyone foresaw the Demon Lord’s return to be like this. Krebskulm is a world wide feared figured, yet now her goal is just to laze around and eat biscuits. Additionally, taking home this demon loli comes with some perks. Daiblo’s mana problems have been solved. Just a quick rub from Krebskulm will solve all your problems. Moreover, there’s still one more issue to deal with. A certain individual has finally awoken, and he’s not too happy. Diablo, you best watch your back. Anyhow, ready to witness a birth? Enjoy the true Demon Lord!





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The revival has been completed, but we’ve still got one problem to tackle. So, be sure to join us for more demonic fun here at, Anime Solution!

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