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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 20

by Yumiko

Let the revival begin!

A malfunction with the time leap machine has caused an unexpected set of events. Instead of traveling back, Okabe finds himself in the future. The year is 2036, and everything is in ruins. Now, normally Okabe is set to “die” in the year 2025. During this world line he was captured and tortured by Stratfor. His time with Stratfor was very unpleasant to say the least. By the time his allies were able to rescue him, he was left in a vegetative state. Okabe was out of commission for the next 11 years, then it suddenly happened. That malfunction allowed for Okabe’s 2011 memories to be used in the year 2036. Awaking to this world for the first time hurt Okabe to the core. He never quite understood what his decisions would bring about. All he had done to save those closest to him was for not. Unless he reaches the Steins Gate world line everyone will be terminated. Realizing his mistakes has finally awoken him. Daru, bring him the time leap machine!

The one week break was well worth it. After the roof top episodes I didn’t believe they could bring this one back, but they have proved otherwise. Episode 20 was a solid viewing experience all around. Hopefully the 3 to follow are just as great. Moreover, I have to say future Ruka is a sight to behold. He aged in all the right places. Unfortunately, this world line ends up being too cruel towards him. At least he got to see Okabe one last time, though. Anyhow, ready to experience the future? Enjoy the ruined world!





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He’s ready to do what must be done. There’s little time left, but continue to join us for more time traveling shenanigans!

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