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One Room 2 T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

She’s worth it.

In order to keep the family business going, Minori is willing to do it all. This means even getting married. Well, our time with her may have been short, but she does make a strong case for marriage material. She’s willing to take baths with us if we get married. Those seemed to be the magical words, and the rest was history.

Looks like the marriage is on, however our time with Minori is over. If there is ever a 3rd season maybe we’ll see more of this story play out, but for now that’s it. Overall, I can’t say Minori is a step up above Yui, yet she does have one key charm point. Her determination to save the family business really brought her to life. Seeing something through and having the determination to do it means a lot these days. There’s a great deal of people that give up if they have to face any difficulty. Hopefully her passion for the bath house only continues to warm up from here. Moreover, next week we’re going to experience our final reset. Mashiro will be the focus for the final portion of the show. Anyhow, ready to get hitched? Enjoy Minori’s final appearance!







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Thanks for the good times, Minori. We’ll be moving onto a new girl next time, so continue to join us for one more fling!

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