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Island T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Do you remember?

While today’s episode started off with lovey dovey moments, we quickly slide into drama. During a stop to eat shaved ice, Rinne’s lost memories began to flow back to her. When the owner of the shop recalled how she always use to visit with a boy, Rinne remembered her fate with the real Setsuna. On that deadly night 5 years ago, Rinne didn’t first wake up in the hospital. After she dove into the sea, she woke up with the real Setsuna on the island of Boryujima. Stranded upon the island the couple attempted to make due, but in reality there was no way they could live there. The real Setsuna was left with only one choice. He needed to find a way to safely send Rinne back home, although his method only had space for one. Rinne found her way back home, however she didn’t make it back until 5 years later. Now, Rinne is torn up inside after remembering all this. She left her beloved Setsuna to die on that island, and now wishes to return to him. Unfortunately, she does this at the worst possible time. A storm has engulfed the islands, yet Rinne heads for Boryujima.

Rinne’s not the only one with memory problems. Setsuna B has been having dreams and flashbacks from the moment he arrived on Urashima. Still, he’s not sure what to make of them. Could these memories be from the past, future, or something else entirely? Moreover, once he learned about Rinne’s 5 year gap, then maybe the impossible really is possible. Rinne shares a very similar circumstance with him. She only recently returned to the world. In fact, Rinne only came back a month ago. She’s not quite the same individual she use to be, nevertheless she came back in near perfect condition. What this means for the whole time travel theory has yet to be revealed, though.

I know the above 2 paragraphs may raise more questions than anything, but just hold on. Each week we’re learning more and more about this story. We’re only being given bits and pieces, yet it’s slowly coming together. There’s still one major part missing, so that’s why a lot of this doesn’t make sense. We should be getting around to cracking the whole time travel theory soon. Regardless, Setsuna got a girl to save. That was one of his objectives, after all. Anyhow, ready to experience the partial truth. Enjoy Boryujima!





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Go after her, Setsuna! Will she be okay? Find out next Monday here at, Anime Solution.

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