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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

We’ve got a war to prevent!

The kingdom of Greenwood has demanded that princess Shera be handed over to them immediately. If they fail to comply a war will break out. On top of this, Prince Keera has placed a large bounty on Shera. Her capture could turn any commoner into a noble. As such, Shera’s ability to roam freely is now at risk. Nevertheless, Diablo isn’t about to let one of his companions fear for their safety. As long as he’s around, Shera will be fine. Now, in order to prevent the war Diablo has been issued a quest from the lord of Faltra City. However, he’ll be needing more information before he can take the appropriate steps. We’re off to meet the hero of the city, Lieutenant General Chester Ray Galford.

After a rather intense introduction session, everyone now knows where they stand. Galford wishes for this matter to be settled peacefully. He does not wish to see his men slaughtered in the elven woods. Likewise, Diablo refuses to hand over Shera. He will protect her will to live freely. Additionally, this situation calls for a representative from the capital. A imperial knight has come to aid our trio in their quest. Alica is here by command to address the matter at hand. She’s a kind one, but I would keep a close eye on her. Moreover, while heading out tragedy strikes. The bounty for Shera’s capture has caught the eye of one group. They grab Shera without a moment notice, but they didn’t account for one thing. A Demon Lord from another world won’t let his charge be taken away.

The information has been gathered, but is it enough? Diablo will have to confront prince Keera no matter how this goes down. Shera’s determination to stand on her own two feet is commendable, yet at what cost does it come? The Kingdom of Greenwood looks to be going all out on this cause. Still, Diablo did make a promise. Shera will be protected. Anyhow, ready to meet the new face? Enjoy the new weapon!





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Ready to explore Shera? Join us next time to learn the basics of slave magic.

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