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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko


The focus may have been shifting away from Okabe, but he’s back on the scene. While he’s been away a certain lab member has been hard at work. Daru, with the assistance of Maho, has been working to restore the Phone Microwave. These two have only recently gotten started, still Okabe’s sudden arrival caught them completely off guard. Once he found out what was going on, he snapped. His fear of messing with the time ways kicked into overdrive. However, this time he’s gone too far. Daru had no choice but to punch some sense back into him. Okabe has become so focused on running away from the problem that little time remains to save the future. Suzuha’s time machine only has enough fuel to time leap back 1 year. If they wait any longer, then their only hope to save the future will be with the Phone Microwave. Unfortunately, the gravity of the situation still isn’t getting to Okabe. Maho attempts to reason with him, although in the end all he does is run. Is there any hope for this future?

Is there ever any hope for the hopeless? No one has yet to talk any sense into Okabe. He is so convinced that if anything changes, then things will be even worse than before. Yet, maybe Mayrui can do the job. She was the one who originally stopped him from pushing forward. When she stopped him that day everything began to fall apart. Nevertheless, she is now regretting her decision from that day. The pain in Okabe’s heart has only grown. Just maybe it’s time to achieve the impossible formula, and go after Stein’s Gate. The solution stands before him, but will it be possible? Anyhow, it’s time to get to work. Enjoy the stars!





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Wake up, Okabe! We’re running out of time. Will Okabe finally realize what he needs to do? Find out next time here at, Anime Solution.

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