Tachibanakan to Lie Angle Blu-ray Media Review Episode 1

Uncensored goods!

If you viewed the televised airing of Tachibanakan, then you know each episode featured some form of censorship. Knowing this there was no way I could leave these reviews in such a state. Censorship is no friend of mine. So, with that in mind, I will proudly be rolling out blu-ray reviews for this show over the coming months. These reviews should also be way faster than the normal blu-ray rotation here. Moreover, let’s talk about what was uncensored here in the first episode. Iori’s bottom half was previously cropped, and she also had her nipples missing. As for Konomi, her cherry has been removed. Lastly, we’re given a better view of Yuu’s nopan scene. Anyhow, let’s get to the goods. Enjoy the additions!





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You’ll be seeing more uncensored goods in the weeks to come. So, stick around for the best here at, Anime Solution.

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