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Island T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Happy birthday!

Sara is a women on a mission. A mission she must complete before her 17th birthday. Her ultimate goal is to save the island, and restore the Garandou family. If she can not do this, then her life will have no meaning. This is all due to her upbringing. She believes herself to be the child of god. Upon her birth and 10 years after no child on the island was born with soot blight syndrome. However, after the tragedy that claimed her entire family she lost her power. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case at all. Her power was a lie. A lie created by her uncle to restore faith in the Garandou family. During those 10 years any child that was born with the syndrome was murdered by the Garandou family. Now, In order to seal away the horrors of the family they collectively committed suicide. Still, Sara’s parents couldn’t kill their own daughter. She was left behind, but left with a distorted view of reality. Once she overheard the truth it broke her. Nevertheless, Setsuna isn’t going to let history repeat itself today. Sara, you are loved.

Feels like a lot took place during this episode. Seeing how Sara just got her entire problem solved in one go, I guess we’re going to have a lot of focus on Rinne going forward. She is without a doubt the central heroine, so giving her the most spotlight is to be expected. Hopefully the other girls still have major roles to play going forward. Anyhow, ready to experience the lie? Enjoy the fire!





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