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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

We’ve got a runner!

Satou’s late arrivals have always been a topic of worrisome for Shio. Still, she always waited for her and followed the rules. Well, that was until this fateful night. A terrifying thought went through her mind. What if Satou doesn’t return home? This compelled Shio to do the unthinkable. She’s gone outside in search of Satou. The outside world may as well be another planet to Shio. Between her birdcage life and trauma she knows nothing of the world around her.

Satou, where are you? Your happiness is on the run! If you recall from last time, then you know why Satou is out later than normal. A mysterious boy in search of Shio has pushed her to the edge. This boy also better be counting his blessings. He was mere moments away from taking on the good ole break-room crowbar. Losing total control here would have been a bad call. However, Satou did learn something from this ordeal. Her love for Shio is growing. The feeling she experienced here was jealousy. It’s an unfamiliar experience to her, but one she now values towards her happy sugar life. Speaking of happiness, Satou is in for one bitter taste once she arrives home.

Remember those pesky co-workers? One of them has now become a major threat. Ever since Taiyou’s traumatic experience at the hands of an older women, well let’s just say he only likes them young now. Seeing the numerous fliers of Shio has gained his fixation. A fixation that is way beyond normal measures. Now, on his way home he’s struck gold. Shio stands before him, and he’ll be using her for purification. Their “innocent” play time in the park goes over well, but upon leaving trouble appears. The thugs have returned, and they want revenge.

There’s a number of flashbacks going on during this episode. However, since everything isn’t quite clear yet I’ll leave those for later. We do see that the mysterious boy and Shio have familial connections, though. Their family life was one filled with abuse, although there’s some gaps that still need to be filled in. Anyhow, ready to see Shio on the run? Enjoy Shio’s day outside!





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Will Satou be able to save her happy sugar life? Find out next week here at, Anime Solution.

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