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Harukana Receive T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Practice makes perfect.

Joining the club has been an excellent time for our heroines. Haruka will be working closely with Clarie, and Kanata will be with Emily. In Haruka’s case, she’ll be needing all the practice she can get. Her game knowledge is still lacking. All this time Kanata has been playing extra hard to make up for her lack of experience. Moreover, to prepare for the upcoming tournament it’s time to buy matching swimsuits. We’re off to the mall to see our clubs members in their finest. It is here where our main duo continues to solidify their bond. Ready for a declaration of love? Our pair has now sailed!

Today’s episode was heavily on the comfy side. No intense volleyball action this time. Additionally, we were given some insight into a character we haven’t seen in 2 weeks. Narumi’s promise with Kanata is still alive. Even if Kanata never came back Narumi was going to push to be number 1. Although she is glad to see Kanata back on the court. Anyhow, we’ve got plenty to practice on below. Enjoy the media!





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Xunder (@guest_136)
5 years ago

The grandmother smiling from the corner like she’s the final boss

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  Xunder
5 years ago

Maybe for season 2, hehe.