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Comic Girls T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

This one is to the future.

Nearly a year has come and gone. The closure of the dorm is also upon us, still the girls have much ahead of them. Each one of them has grown more than they realize. Although there’s still one problem. Kaoruko has yet to get her chance of being serialized. Well, that was until today. Her willingness to never give up, and work harder each time has paid off. Going in with 4 different story boards was quite the task, but each was a reflection of her year. Everything she had taken in from her fellow housemates had built up to this very moment. Comic Girls has been given approval by her editor. If the readers love it, then Kaos-sensei will have finally achieved her dream.

A big congratulations to Kaos-sensei. She has worked tireless to finally get to where she is. Many tears and sleepless nights were had, but in the end she made it. The future may be uncertain, still as long as she puts forth her best anything is possible. Unfortunately her triumph comes towards the ending of the show. We may not get to see how far she goes, nevertheless I believe she can only go up from here. So, ready to see her finest board? Enjoy Comic Girls!





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We’ve only got one more to go. Be sure to join us for one final review of Comic Girls here at, Anime Solution.

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