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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 36

by Yumiko

You wouldn’t hurt licht, right?

The Three Eyes have arrived. Licht’s sudden defeat has forced his top 3 to make an appearance. Now, while Licht may be the leader of the organization, these three boast even greater combat potential. Not even magical knight captains can supposedly match up to them. Well, Yami’s in for it now. Hurting their dear leader means death 100 times over. Luckily, Yami doesn’t stand alone. His subordinates may not be able to hold a candle in this battle, but fellow captains have arrived just in the nick of time. Some of the finest magic in the land has gathered in one spot, although we’ll have to wait till next time to see them clash.

Today’s episode introduces three very important characters. Let’s begin with, Fana. If you remember all the way back to the dungeon arc, then the name Fana should ring a bell. She was believed to be long dead, but here she is. I can’t say much about her right now, and her situation unfortunately won’t be handled during this arc. If Black Clover gets another season, Mars and Fana will have quite the interesting reunion. Vetto is perhaps the most important member to look upon right now. He will end up being the closing boss for the first season, but that’s some months away. As for Raia, well this lazy copy cat won’t get his time to shine until much later on. Still, all three of them will have a fight against a captain next time. Until then, let’s move on into their media appearance. Enjoy today’s introduction!





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Asta, your time to shine is coming up. So, be sure to return here next Tuesday to see the epic plan in play.

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