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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

Time to do as he pleases.

Arato has been taken hostage by Ryou. Although he’s freed shortly after. Shiori is pulling strings from behind the scenes. Additionally, she would like to see him. It has been quite sometime since these two have seen one another. Ever since the incident at the airport, Shiori has been forced away from the conflict. Now, she wants to makes a request of Arato. Her brother failed to do the right thing by stopping Snowdrop first. Snowdrop’s rampage has become a world wide eye opening event. Not even Memeframe will be able to get out of this one without dire consequences. As such, Shiori would like for Lacia’s owner to take care of Snowdrop. Unfortunately, Arato is no longer in control of his hIE. Lacia took off, and has yet to resurface. While it was painful to admit what happened, it also opened up a new opportunity. Shiori has given Arato some wise words, just do as you want. You’re not being controlled anymore, Arato.

Just do as you want, eh? Well, Shiori at least got what she wanted. It was hinted quite a while ago, but she has had a thing for Arato for quite sometime. So, she did as she wanted, and showed her affection for him. Yup, we finally got a kiss! Moreover, Snowdrop is going hard out there. She’s using humans as living shields. Her push forward to control more and more has yet to be stopped. Soon she’ll be getting her hands on something quite dangerous. If that were to happen another world wide disaster could take place. Speak of disasters, they finally revealed what happened in the past. Turns out an out of control AI nearly destroyed humanity. They’re really going to string up Memeframe after this incident. Anyhow, Arato’s off to do as he wants. Enjoy the media!





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Arato’s on the loose! Find out what this mad man will do next Monday here at, Anime Solution.


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