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Beatless T.V. Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko

It’s time to stop, Snowdrop.

Arato’s off to save the day yet again, but stopping Snowdrop won’t be today’s conflict. Ryo and Methode have come to finally put an end to Lacia. In Ryo’s eyes the true threat to humanity is Lacia. The other Red Box units can be taken care of over time. Lacia on the other hand isn’t like her sister units. Her true worth has come to light. Lacia is the world’s 40th super intelligent AI. Now, normally there is a ton of oversight when an AI is created. Although this daughter of Higgins was able to slip through the cracks. Originally she was thought to be lacking, yet that was all part of the plan. Everything Lacia has done thus far was in order to forge a future for herself. Choosing Arato as her owner, and helping him all furthered her goal. In the name of redistributing resources, Lacia has placed humanity in the palm of her hands.

Arato was none the wiser during all of this. It has been hinted multiple times over the course of the show that Lacia has been playing him, but Arato is a sap after all. Still, during every crucial moment Arato believed in Lacia, and even fell in love with her. Well, that was until Ryo exposed everything. For the first time, Arato won’t be taking Lacia’s hand. Now, just what will Lacia do since her owner is no longer an obedient dog?

You know what, Arato, you’re a fool! You’ve already dug down this far, may as well keep going. Sure, he would of just been a puppet for Lacia, but at least he could have been on top. Instead his actions just raised some serious death flags. Moreover, apparently Beatless is going on break yet again. So, that means another re-cap episode will air on June 1st. Additionally, I’d like to state that covering Beatless here may become troublesome if there are any further delays. The summer season is quickly approaching, and I can’t really continue to support Beatless for 3 seasons. Anyhow, the media awaits. Enjoy today’s reveal!


OP: This was a bit unexpected, but episode 16 introduces a 3rd opening.


Episode 16:




Click here for the WebM album.


You know what time it is! Time for another break. Anime Solution will return with another Beatless review on June 11th!

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